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Jambo! We celebrated International Day in style at the end of May. Each class focused on a different country; Goofy Class - Ghana, Donald Class - Egypt, Mickey Class - Kenya. The children sang songs in Swahili and Twi impressing us all with their knowledge of each country. The children also gave a wonderful African Dance performance and we feasted on dishes from around the globe.


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Just before the Easter holidays the children took part in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. They had loads of fun exploring the school grounds looking for eggs and we were impressed at how the children helped their friends to discover eggs too. Afterwards, we were joined by the parents for the parade. All the parents had worked with their children to create the most fantastic Easter hats decorated with all manner of bunnies, eggs, glitter and sequins. The children loved showing off their hats during the parade and also treated us to some Easter songs they had been practicing with Mr Dapo.


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This year we had our most successful Fun Day ever! We managed to raise over N5 million to invest in technology for the school. Kudos to the organising committee, headed by Mrs Aluko and Dr. Funmi Ogunlesi and the support of all the parents. The event was well attended and received excellent feedback on the great atmosphere during the day. Thank you to all who attended and those who were involved in the organisation.


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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xmas, ‘tis the season to be jolly. We had a our xmas tree decorated by the children, who helped put whimsical ornaments on the trees. Santa then made a special visit to Ikoyi Nursery children. Some of our younger children were not sure what to make of Santa but soon warmed to him once he started to distribute the presents.


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This year the children presented Happy Birthday Jesus and teachers and parents alike were impressed with how well the children could remember the songs and lines. Well done to all the teachers and Mr Dapo who worked with the children to ensure they were thoroughly prepared.

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